Recommended Superfood & Gluten-Free Organic Ingredients

Yea… I know the pain. I have been there myself.

You wanna eat a healthy diet and so you get a new recipe book.

And you feel overwhelmed… let me guess…

  • chia seeds?
  • green powders?
  • coconut milk, oil, flour..?
  • barley grass?
  • quinoa?

First of all, remember that the gluten-free diet is not only about eating those ingredients.
It also may take some time to get used to having a new shopping list.

I suggest you don’t try to do it all at once. For example, you may just choose to focus on just one recipe featuring a new gluten-free ingredient and go from there…

Now, with that being said…

Even though most of the recipes I promote use commonly found foods that anyone should be able to find at their supermarket (veggies and fruits) I am aware that there are a few ingredients that may be less well-known in certain areas. This includes items like the above mentioned coconut oil, coconut flour, green powders, chia seeds. Sometimes, I am able to get these items from my local grocery store, but you might not. Just in case your area might not have these items and to save your time. Next I have included a few items from Amazon (you might find them in your local Amazon marketplace though). Often they will be cheaper than the grocery store too!

End of the recipe. Enjoy your meal!


Superfood & Gluten-Free Ingredients



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